Feel Good Music

by Drew Mantia

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released June 15, 2015

presented by Stank Face Records & Bonafyde Media

artwork by Nick Mantia



all rights reserved


Drew Mantia Chicago, Illinois

Drew Mantia is a musician & producer who made his name handling production for "LSD" by ProbCause & Chance The Rapper and "Chicago Style" with ProbCause & Twista. Pulling from a bevy of inflections and influences Mantia creates music that is informed by styles of the past while at once becoming something new that is easily identified in contemporary music circles. ... more

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Track Name: Good Day (ft. The Palmer Squares & Ross Augusta)
Hook: Ross Augusta

Take my time, take all that I need
Do my own thing at half of the speed
It’s gonna be a good day
Day off work, got my friends here with me
Since the sun came up illegal activities
It’s gonna be a good day

Verse 1: Term K

There just may never be a better day
So don’t you ever let it get away
Head to the bank and it’s empty
Benjamin Frank and his friends done left me hanging
But take lemons make lemonade
Getting paid is irrelevant
Never complain for a second they led you astray
And with every step of the way it’s a waste of breath
Head full of hate
My heart full of hurt
Blinded by love or the skies up above
But for all that it’s worth you the salt of the Earth
So look babe at the way that I need ya
Or should I say “buenos dias”?
Cause it be such a good day


Verse 2: Acumental

Hmm what a good day
I think I’ll have a beer for breakfast
Listening to feel good music
And people need to hear the message
It’s Acumental, a bearded mess with no clear intentions
Going deaf in both ears, perception so bleary
Empty those teary lenses
I’m here to let you know
How to get hip to the monotone click of the metronome
It go tick tick tick ‘til your wig get split
Like a schizo living in a mental home
You so crazy
No way you can rain on my parade, clear blue skies ahead
So I play hooky to make whoopee and smoke an L as I lie in bed


lyrics by Drew Mantia & The Palmer Squares
Track Name: Send it Back (ft. Bruce Bayne, Rebel Legato, Brittany Lee Moffitt & Ross Augusta)
Send it Back

Intro: Brittany Lee Moffitt

Send it back to me

Verse 1: Bruce Bayne
This that
Good times good vibes
Just a little bit of try and show my good side
On the Northside with a couple hood ties
See you later no goodbyes
Better look alive when I see you next time
No surprise
Could die thug life no Suge Knight
Should I roll the weed so I look wise or look cool?
As far as look-wise I’m a Gemini she a Jewel
Society says I’m a menace II who?
White women black women feeling them in the pool
We a lost cause with no legitimate rule
Young Snoop Doggy Dogg got the gin and the juice
And we bout to take off like ten minutes to
Smoke something to this you got nothing to lose
You the façade Stank Face the crew
Fire at your squad put you in a good mood

Verse 2: Rebel Legato

That’s that love let me get that back
Whatever you love, do just that
My blood dedicated got a medicated pack
That’s that midgrade? Send that back
Grade A never settle for none less
If it ain’t that steak then send that back
Fuck that Neon need a Cadillac
To get my freak on right up in the back
Like “Aye Vanna”
Please send that back
I need that ass
Fuck that nigga really need that cash
Chasing my dream I’m running right past you
Been good with my Karma I’m asking
Let me smack the world with my passion
Life a motion picture no acting
Got a notebook full of captions
I write they call it rapping
My hand stay with pen attached
If it ain’t that Stank Face then send it back
I mean that
And I mean that just send that back

Send it back back like way back
Rebel said to be ancient
I’ma live forever spread love
Better get used to me so just face it
Roll that blunt with only the stanky
Smoke that weed and be patient
Plot your move and simply just take it
If you never shoot then you won’t make it and I

Bridge: Ross Augusta, Brittany Lee Moffit and Drew Mantia

Wonder if it matters
Wonder if you care
I broadcast sound waves in the open air
If you felt it
Let me know you’re there
Send it back to me

lyrics by Drew Mantia, Bruce Bayne & Rebel Legato
Track Name: Feel Good Interlude (ft. Will Miller of the O'Mys)
Make me feel good.
Track Name: No Lie (ft. ProbCause)
Verse 1

Feeling like this day can’t get no better
Do what I love and I make some cheddar
Hand-write verses no phone, head up
Game in a chokehold no won’t let up
What are my plans then? Walk to the lake
Smoke a little something and I give my thanks
Regular fancy
You been out fanning
I been out planning watch how I take
All of this all of this all of this mine
Style that I got I cannot quite define
Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time
Don’t even think that I’ve reach my prime
Is he signed or unsigned?
Don’t matter
Y’all talk more than me and I’m the rapper
So many questions
Is you the Feds?
My bad I’m paranoid losing my head
So let it snow let it snow
Got no other place to go
Dark nights my window glow
Full moon that feed my soul
Build a fire watch it grow
Row my boat on frozen water broke the ice so now we froze
I mean we chillin
I mean we cool
I mean you get it you know how we do
Got that gusto Prob no trust though
So I don’t really fuck with these fools
Fall back fall back
Unless you gonna ride
A lot less time see the days blow by
Fame seem dumb looking down from the sky
We all so small and we all gonna die

No lie no lie
No lie cause we all gonna die

Verse 2

Tell me this- are you scared to die?
When it’s at your door will you hide?
Ever wonder what it’s gonna be like?
Does it ever make you wanna do right?
You can find some peace of mind in the fact that your timeline ain’t defined
It’s never too late no it’s never too late
All the moments you lost you can still go find
Feel like I’m finally see it clearly
I’m just redefining my theories, growing on paper
You cannot steer me off of my path
I would just laugh
Fill that with love you could have had
Seem like you need it it’s cool got a stash
Spread that shit round it you can ‘fore you pass
So let it grow let it grow
Got so much of this to give I hope it feed your brain and soul
We all one this world is whole
Been divided for control
So all that anger that you hold ain’t even yours so let it go
Get back to chillin
Could all be cool
I been a genius and I been a fool
I been a devil and I been a tool
Moving to heaven heard they got a pool
Laid back laid back
No more rushing
I’ve been all around the world this year crushing
This ain’t for nothing
Love you to death
Live with our rights or there ain’t nothing left

No lie no lie
No lie cause we all gonna die

lyrics by ProbCause
Track Name: My People (ft. Rebel Legato, Angelenah aka Angel Davanport & Jon Arrington)
Intro: Angel Davanport

It’s RapperChicks in this bitch
Stank Face in this bitch

Hook: Rebel Legato & Jon Arrington

Send it up with my people
Hold it down with my people
Spread love to my people
Share the crown with all of my people

Send it up with all of my people

Verse 1: Rebel Legato
If you really bout that life, send it up
Dream big
Why the hell would I give that up?
High life brought weed just to lift you up
Look around look it’s only us
Never lonely bruh
Spread love really cause I want
Shall I come through?
Ease your mind through the shit we go through
Stay true to everything that you say you won’t do
Feel that funk find your groove and do you
Delete the fake, fuck with only your crew
Keep the faith and let blessings fall through
The truest
Cause I swear me and mine been through it
Struggle influenced the beautiful music
Yeah I’ma use it
Light my life I’m the only ruler
Light my life I’m the only ruler nigga


Verse 2: Angel Davanport

Lifted my hands to glory
Cause when it seems I’ve lost control
I always find trouble not for me
And that’s just the way it go
Turn my head towards the light
I know what I’m worth
Emphasis on the lives
That I build I’m immersed

Was never caught up in the moment
Look, trying to kill it
Hybrids my kids light years ahead, don’t pull it
Tongue rip skin like bullets
Acid sung for Pulitzer
On the plain sky aim like Aries I
And when I speak to God it’s usually on the sun
It’s only feeling free unless you let it go
Maintain a better view leave your center open, right?


lyrics by Rebel Legato, Angel Davanport & Drew Mantia
Track Name: Kill Yo Ass (ft. Hologram Kizzie)

I love you when you’re sorry
I hate it when you lie
I see into your soul when we get high
I know you more than ever
I feel you on my skin
I’ll never try to kill your ass again

Verse 1

Wake up to break up to make up
Last night it was love now I hate ya
And I swear that my heart need a helmet
Sometimes I just wish I was celibate
But I love making love to my lovers
And I love making magic in covers
But it gets really tragic when we clash
Got me smoking all this plant stash
Cause I love you when you’re sorry
Cause I’m sorry so much it’s a problem
And I party enough I get frantic
My vision is quite panoramic
But I got this here this here temper
And it comes with the passion
And yes I’m very emotional
Thank you for asking


Verse 2

Wake up to break up to make up
Last night it was love now I hate ya
And I swear that my heart need a helmet
Sometimes I just wish I was celibate
But I love making love to my lovers
And I love making magic in covers
But it gets really tragic when we clash
Got me smoking up all of that tree man
And I promise I love you when you sorry
Cause I’m sorry so much it’s a problem
And I party enough I get frantic
My vision is quite panoramic
And I got me a bit of a temper
And it comes with a glorious passion
Cause baby I get so emotional
Thank you for asking
I’m saying we all got our issues
And we all fall short of the prize
You’re so cute when I apologize
Have I told you have I told you
I ain’t gone tell you lies?
You’re so cute when you apologize


lyrics by Hologram Kizzie
Track Name: Rocket Ship (ft. Will is Chillin' & ProbCause)
Hook: Will is Chillin’

Yeah I think you’re fine but shit
I don’t have enough time to spend it
Most of mine spent on profit getting
I rock with you so let’s rocket ship it

Verse 1: ProbCause

Take you so high that you can’t come down
Never wanna leave this world we found
Can’t be from this planet damnit
Just so bad I need you know
I don’t really talk this too often so
You must be on some other other other shit
I’d love to meet your mothership
I’d love to be your lover of another kind
Take you to the other side
Ride without gravity
The definition of being fly
Never gonna turn this ship around
And the scenery so pleasing here I’m glad we’re skipping town


Bridge: ProbCause

Up up and away

Verse 2: Will is Chillin’

You’re the coldest bunny I’d come by
But girl your style is a retarded Pigeon how it’s dumb fly
Pardon me part of me’s tongue tied
I’ll leave you anything but dry
Drunk and smell like a skunk, high
Others throw shade and that’s cool
Glad I fell in your sunshine
Damn your radiance past due
Credit God for love, smile
Empathy and that ass too
Look at the time
A crook in the night
And I’m booking a room in my books for a dime or a diamond
I’m rhyming, a travelling man of sorts
Crash down on your planet need landing support


lyrics by Will is Chillin' & ProbCause

Interlude: Angel Davanport

I know you want me too
You’re just scared of the move
I’m too wavy for you
And sometimes I know that you don’t know what to do
I love the way you work
What’s your groove?
Got to improve
Track Name: NBA (ft. Bruce Bayne)
Nobody alive
Can't leave nobody alive


Nobody alive can ball like this
Can't split the pile
I need all the chips
No part in your life have you been a partisan
This the part where I sin
Nobody alive can't leave nobody alive

Verse 1

That's an acronym, high school lebron in Akron
Acrobat, the crow and the bat blackening
Baa Baa black sheep, freak accident to an athlete
Asleep let the kid nap need come grab me
I put the put-a-cap-in-yo-ass in over capacity
In '06 I liked Wayne over Cassidy
I write with a sharpie like I still got a cast on me
Got older and got some ideas and put some tats on m
I should be on but that's on me
Now I'm tryna knock the booth over like move over that's my seat
No chain feel like I gotta earn it
Got nervous and forgot I gotta put some work in
I'm bored of bora bora before I visit it
I'm smoking weed in my living room my landlord doesn't give a shit.
I should pull a combo and finish him again and again like Michael Finnagin


Verse 2

I got a couple super villains who be Coupe De'Villen
I rebuke they feelings while they shoot civilians I'm a traffic guard. You should know when to stop
You don't go half as far cause you don't have to I'm next to the stars like an asterisk mark or astronaut
Naughty by nature but I ain't down with the opps
Fuck the views I beat you in front of them, thousands will watch
I'ma thousand watt light bulb thoughts with a thousand ways to not get shot or go in to shock like I'm Virgil Hawk
I heard a shot around the world I hope It go through every temple every mosque
If I'm ever in the jam then send the mob
Or an aerial strike, I do what I can with my palms
With a plan in hand I will never need a wand
Clouds look like scattered brains I imagine every single one in my dreams they come together like a let it be song
Let em be soft so it's easier to mash em in a ball and throw em off the Earth write my turf on the wall.
S. F. accept none less unless
We round up all the rappers have em plunge to their death
I'm under oath under dog under rated(raided) like a trap house that still has drugs left and the cops had just left
We came in the game at the same time but the difference is your a newbie and we're a new breed
Know yourself or at least just hold your self accountable
If we ain't fight now I'll see u down the road ho


Can't leave no sucker Mc alive
I need this shit to be alive
Nobody alive can't leave nobody alive
Track Name: Blind (ft. Ross Augusta)
I think about you all day
I think about you always

You don’t know what you do to me
You’re fresh up out my fantasies
And more than a friend indeed
The only one I know I could call
Whenever I’m in need
Oh I know that you’ll be there for me
I’m talking bout anytime
Every time faithfully

I know you afraid by what you been through
I wanna let you know that I got you
Cause you got my heart
I loved you from the start and we should never part

I know they say love is blind
I swear I don’t wanna see
Oh baby won’t you blind me?

If I had a million dollars
I’d sacrifice it all for you baby
And all of my friends
They could call me crazy
I think about you all day
Which carries over to the midnight
That’s right
You are just like sunshine that I need in my life

lyrics by Ross Augusta