Rocket Ship (ft. Will is Chillin' & ProbCause)

from by Drew Mantia



Hook: Will is Chillin’

Yeah I think you’re fine but shit
I don’t have enough time to spend it
Most of mine spent on profit getting
I rock with you so let’s rocket ship it

Verse 1: ProbCause

Take you so high that you can’t come down
Never wanna leave this world we found
Can’t be from this planet damnit
Just so bad I need you know
I don’t really talk this too often so
You must be on some other other other shit
I’d love to meet your mothership
I’d love to be your lover of another kind
Take you to the other side
Ride without gravity
The definition of being fly
Never gonna turn this ship around
And the scenery so pleasing here I’m glad we’re skipping town


Bridge: ProbCause

Up up and away

Verse 2: Will is Chillin’

You’re the coldest bunny I’d come by
But girl your style is a retarded Pigeon how it’s dumb fly
Pardon me part of me’s tongue tied
I’ll leave you anything but dry
Drunk and smell like a skunk, high
Others throw shade and that’s cool
Glad I fell in your sunshine
Damn your radiance past due
Credit God for love, smile
Empathy and that ass too
Look at the time
A crook in the night
And I’m booking a room in my books for a dime or a diamond
I’m rhyming, a travelling man of sorts
Crash down on your planet need landing support


lyrics by Will is Chillin' & ProbCause

Interlude: Angel Davanport

I know you want me too
You’re just scared of the move
I’m too wavy for you
And sometimes I know that you don’t know what to do
I love the way you work
What’s your groove?
Got to improve


from Feel Good Music, released June 15, 2015
produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Drew Mantia

vocals by Will is Chillin' & ProbCause

drums, bass, guitars- Drew Mantia

keys - Paul Goldman



all rights reserved


Drew Mantia Chicago, Illinois

Drew Mantia is a musician & producer who made his name handling production for "LSD" by ProbCause & Chance The Rapper and "Chicago Style" with ProbCause & Twista. Pulling from a bevy of inflections and influences Mantia creates music that is informed by styles of the past while at once becoming something new that is easily identified in contemporary music circles. ... more

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