NBA (ft. Bruce Bayne)

from by Drew Mantia



Nobody alive
Can't leave nobody alive


Nobody alive can ball like this
Can't split the pile
I need all the chips
No part in your life have you been a partisan
This the part where I sin
Nobody alive can't leave nobody alive

Verse 1

That's an acronym, high school lebron in Akron
Acrobat, the crow and the bat blackening
Baa Baa black sheep, freak accident to an athlete
Asleep let the kid nap need come grab me
I put the put-a-cap-in-yo-ass in over capacity
In '06 I liked Wayne over Cassidy
I write with a sharpie like I still got a cast on me
Got older and got some ideas and put some tats on m
I should be on but that's on me
Now I'm tryna knock the booth over like move over that's my seat
No chain feel like I gotta earn it
Got nervous and forgot I gotta put some work in
I'm bored of bora bora before I visit it
I'm smoking weed in my living room my landlord doesn't give a shit.
I should pull a combo and finish him again and again like Michael Finnagin


Verse 2

I got a couple super villains who be Coupe De'Villen
I rebuke they feelings while they shoot civilians I'm a traffic guard. You should know when to stop
You don't go half as far cause you don't have to I'm next to the stars like an asterisk mark or astronaut
Naughty by nature but I ain't down with the opps
Fuck the views I beat you in front of them, thousands will watch
I'ma thousand watt light bulb thoughts with a thousand ways to not get shot or go in to shock like I'm Virgil Hawk
I heard a shot around the world I hope It go through every temple every mosque
If I'm ever in the jam then send the mob
Or an aerial strike, I do what I can with my palms
With a plan in hand I will never need a wand
Clouds look like scattered brains I imagine every single one in my dreams they come together like a let it be song
Let em be soft so it's easier to mash em in a ball and throw em off the Earth write my turf on the wall.
S. F. accept none less unless
We round up all the rappers have em plunge to their death
I'm under oath under dog under rated(raided) like a trap house that still has drugs left and the cops had just left
We came in the game at the same time but the difference is your a newbie and we're a new breed
Know yourself or at least just hold your self accountable
If we ain't fight now I'll see u down the road ho


Can't leave no sucker Mc alive
I need this shit to be alive
Nobody alive can't leave nobody alive


from Feel Good Music, released June 15, 2015
produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Drew Mantia

vocals by Bruce Bayne

drums, bass, keys, guitars- Drew Mantia



all rights reserved


Drew Mantia Chicago, Illinois

Drew Mantia is a musician & producer who made his name handling production for "LSD" by ProbCause & Chance The Rapper and "Chicago Style" with ProbCause & Twista. Pulling from a bevy of inflections and influences Mantia creates music that is informed by styles of the past while at once becoming something new that is easily identified in contemporary music circles. ... more

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