Send it Back (ft. Bruce Bayne, Rebel Legato, Brittany Lee Moffitt & Ross Augusta)

from by Drew Mantia

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Send it Back

Intro: Brittany Lee Moffitt

Send it back to me

Verse 1: Bruce Bayne
This that
Good times good vibes
Just a little bit of try and show my good side
On the Northside with a couple hood ties
See you later no goodbyes
Better look alive when I see you next time
No surprise
Could die thug life no Suge Knight
Should I roll the weed so I look wise or look cool?
As far as look-wise I’m a Gemini she a Jewel
Society says I’m a menace II who?
White women black women feeling them in the pool
We a lost cause with no legitimate rule
Young Snoop Doggy Dogg got the gin and the juice
And we bout to take off like ten minutes to
Smoke something to this you got nothing to lose
You the façade Stank Face the crew
Fire at your squad put you in a good mood

Verse 2: Rebel Legato

That’s that love let me get that back
Whatever you love, do just that
My blood dedicated got a medicated pack
That’s that midgrade? Send that back
Grade A never settle for none less
If it ain’t that steak then send that back
Fuck that Neon need a Cadillac
To get my freak on right up in the back
Like “Aye Vanna”
Please send that back
I need that ass
Fuck that nigga really need that cash
Chasing my dream I’m running right past you
Been good with my Karma I’m asking
Let me smack the world with my passion
Life a motion picture no acting
Got a notebook full of captions
I write they call it rapping
My hand stay with pen attached
If it ain’t that Stank Face then send it back
I mean that
And I mean that just send that back

Send it back back like way back
Rebel said to be ancient
I’ma live forever spread love
Better get used to me so just face it
Roll that blunt with only the stanky
Smoke that weed and be patient
Plot your move and simply just take it
If you never shoot then you won’t make it and I

Bridge: Ross Augusta, Brittany Lee Moffit and Drew Mantia

Wonder if it matters
Wonder if you care
I broadcast sound waves in the open air
If you felt it
Let me know you’re there
Send it back to me

lyrics by Drew Mantia, Bruce Bayne & Rebel Legato


from Feel Good Music, released June 15, 2015
produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Drew Mantia

vocals by Bruce Bayne, Rebel Legato, Brittany Lee Moffitt & Ross Augusta

drums, bass, keys, guitars- Drew Mantia

drumset - Jamie Carter



all rights reserved


Drew Mantia Chicago, Illinois

Drew Mantia is a musician & producer who made his name handling production for "LSD" by ProbCause & Chance The Rapper and "Chicago Style" with ProbCause & Twista. Pulling from a bevy of inflections and influences Mantia creates music that is informed by styles of the past while at once becoming something new that is easily identified in contemporary music circles. ... more

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